Get to know more about cloud security

Working over the internet is popular since the global epidemic spreads. If you are spending most of your time working from home, get to know more about cloud security is a must. 

Working from home has become a trend in the modern world mainly because of its convenience, especially when the global pandemic is nearly everywhere. Since you deliver nearly everything, from servers, analytics, databases, software and even intelligence over the internet, cloud security is essential to protect your business from outside attacks. 

A list of cloud security risks you may take

When sharing anything over the internet, whether it is just a family image or an important report, you should prepare for security risks since there is not complete security on the cloud. One of the most popular risks is that your data is exposed or leaked. Take a simple example: when you upload your identity card image on a platform (as required when you submit for something), there is always a risk that someone else will have the image and use your identity for illegal financial purposes.

A different risk happens with a company’s internal data. Transition to the internet allows it easier for an unauthorized user from outside the company to access internal data and information. The data could be the company’s strategies or a new product line development. As a consequence, the business will lose its competitive advantage. A similar cloud security risk happens when an internal, authorized user has too much access to internal data and is willing to use it for his advantage. A malicious attack, for instance, malware infection, can happen anytime and destroy the company data or affect cloud infrastructure badly.

Cloud security strategies are necessary to reduce these risks as much as possible. Generally, you have to protect data, manage users’ authentication and access as well as stay operational when cloud security attacks your business.

Protect your business from cloud attacks

Although cybercrime has been rising enormously these days, it does not necessarily mean that your business will be insecure when working over the internet. To ensure the company’s cloud security, it is required not only the managers but also the staff to work together to protect the online working environment. Here are some of the most useful practices you can consider to apply:

Know your cloud service providers before making any decision

In a 2019 Cloud Adoption and Risk Report presented by McAfee, 21% of all files found on the cloud are sensitive data. Thus, it is necessary to examine a cloud service provider carefully before deciding to work with them. You need to know exactly what data they can handle. Normally, most data is stored in well-establish cloud services but there is no one who can guarantee the complete security of your data on the cloud. Thus, examining the permissions related to data on the cloud should be carried on a regular basis to ensure sensitive data be quarantined or removed.

Build partnerships with reliable cloud service providers

When choosing a suitable cloud service provider, you should take a look at its record of accountability, transparency and meeting established regulatory providers. If available, you should ask the providers for access to security audits, results and certifications. When it comes to the audits, they should be from another party instead of the provider’s internal audit to eliminate any potential bias. Choosing a reputable service provider is fine, but it is your responsibility to understand your business’s security demands and compliance requirements.

Ask the cloud provider about security solutions

The providers host and store your data but still, it is yours. So you need to ask questions regarding the methods to protect sensitive data. A good cloud security provider often adheres to industry-recognized practices, for instance, Zero Trust, and other current security principles. Different cloud security solutions can base on the applications and data specialization. 

Keep an eye on internal security threats

Not all employees know about security risks when they use the cloud in their works. Cloud storage accounts such as Dropbox and browser applications for conversion files, for instance, are not managed by the IT team. Therefore, a manager needs to make sure that all employees know how to be secure on the internet to minimize the possible threats posed to your business. For instance, the IT department can make a list of cloud services in which employees can use simply yet effectively. 

Cloud security training is necessary in this case in order to prevent any data leak. Since cybercrime has become more and more serious, their tactics and techniques change quickly, making it harder for employees to prevent. To better prepare to identify current tactics of cybercrime, a manager should implement regular training for all employees.

Working on the internet may be convenient but it includes many potential threats to a company’s data security. To secure your company’s sensitive data, you got to know more about cloud security as well as some practices to enhance it.

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