Technological breakthroughs of Samsung you should know

Samsung is recognized as a world leader in the electronics and technology business. So what technological breakthroughs has this company made?

Not all tech manufacturers create outstanding technologies. Samsung is one of the technology companies with many breakthroughs. It is considered a strong competitor of Apple in the field of phone manufacturing. Products that Samsung brings to many different purposes in life. They leave a strong impression and are groundbreaking in technological innovation. With the main purpose of serving technology users around the world. Join us to find out what modern technology Samsung has!

The Samsung brand is still the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer

Among the major technology corporations in the world today, Samsung and Apple are considered rivals – Bringing modern products, applying modern technologies, and interesting experiences to users. The Samsung brand is still the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer with nearly 300 million smartphones produced in the past year, spanning many segments, integrating the most modern technologies.

Not only developing smartphones with prominent names such as Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G, folding screen phone SamSung Flod, etc. world. Samsung also creates a lot of technology in electronic products such as TVs, refrigerators, etc.

Samsung develops 8K resolution

In today’s smartphone market, there are many ways for technology corporations to attract consumers’ attention. In particular, Camera technology becomes one of the notable points. All major brands want to develop camera technology.

Samsung develops screen with 8K resolution

Recently, when developing the Samsung Galaxy S20 Series smartphone, the big technology brand has developed the ability to record movies with resolutions up to 8K. Image quality is arguably the most developed in today’s smartphone products. They have 4 times more pixels than standard 4K, 16 times more than regular Full HD mode.

Advanced camera technology

The camera of the Samsung S20 Series series was developed to help push the resolution to a higher level for users. With extremely sharp videos, beautiful colors, true to life and extremely vivid.

Thus, Samsung is the first brand, leading the entire smartphone industry in the world in terms of camera technology development. However, this mode on SamSung smartphone products is currently limited to 24 FPS and takes up a lot of space on the device. According to SamSung, there are still some small limitations such as users should shoot in well-lit conditions to bring the best quality.

Samsung uses large sensors, with 108 MP resolution for the most advanced Ultra versions. The company has brought a large sensor, providing the ability to capture the most beautiful, realistic images with perfect detail.

Samsung is also one of the top brands. They pioneered the integration of periscope lenses on their high-end smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra smartphone product equipped with this lens has brought the ability to be unsurpassed. It has an impressive 10x optical zoom and can be pushed up to 100x in digital zoom mode.

The technologies that the Samsung brand equips and integrates into the camera system have created a new step for the global smartphone industry. Create enjoyable user experiences, beautiful, highly detailed photos and impressive video capabilities.

Increased use of artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT)

Following the development of technology, the application of AI and the Internet of Things is always the future technology trend. Technology companies around the world race to create and install this technology in their products.

The applications on the products that Samsung creates are equipped with AI, IoT from TVs to soundbar speakers. It also appears on many smart home devices.

Samsung uses AI to enhance picture quality and integrates SmartThings for smart connectivity. With the soundbar, the company integrates the virtual assistant Alexa.

Not stopping there, following this trend, the kitchen also becomes the center of the house and at the same time home appliances also become personal smart assistants.

With the Family Hub refrigerator, users can enjoy a connected life experience. Kitchen tasks become more convenient and complete. It has a touch screen control panel and integrates Bixby and Voice ID, Family Hub. Allows users to easily control connected devices including third-party devices.

With the Dual Cook Flex oven with the Cooking Guide feature, consumers can also get suggestions on how to use the right oven for each ingredient, as well as how to prepare it.

Screen technology with high refresh rate

The trend of increasing the refresh rate for screens is noticed by manufacturers. Samsung is also one of the most active racing brands. The company has equipped the high-end smartphone Samsung Galaxy S20 Series with a 120 Hz screen.

With this high frequency display, users will get a lot of interesting experiences.

Technology companies are constantly breaking through to achieve higher achievements. Samsung is one of the big technology companies that has made many breakthroughs. Hopefully, in the future, their technology will develop more. Create more quality products for users.

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