The World’s Largest Cloud Computing Services

Cloud computing services are leading the trend of hosting services. The following article will list the 6 best quality services from the top providers today.

We can see that budget spending at businesses is increasingly an important issue. It requires business owners to modernize how data is stored and managed. Therefore, investors and professionals are turning to cloud computing services. So what are the biggest cloud computing providers today? Find out with us in this article!

Microsoft (Microsoft Azure)

Microsoft has been at the center of the tech world for many years now. Although Microsoft entered the cloud relatively late, its deep involvement in all layers of the cloud has propelled the company to the top.

Microsoft Azure is a powerful cloud computing platform

In addition, its unparalleled commitment to developing and assisting customers in implementing Blockchain, Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in innovative production environments. Thanks to market-leading revenue, Microsoft holds the top position.

Microsoft has continued to deliver strong operational performance since Satya Nadella took over as CEO in 2014. The Azure Platform, the company’s public cloud service, has played a key role in setting it up. Branding as the number one player in the space.

  • Microsoft’s business is well organized into three segments:
  • Smart Cloud (includes Windows Server OS, Azure, and SQL Server)
  • Personal computers (including Xbox, Surface, Bing Search Ads and Windows Client)
  • Business processes include Microsoft Office and Dynamics.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

When Alphabet launched the Google Cloud Platform, the tech giant chose to target small and midsize businesses.

Google Cloud has recently made some moves to increase its entire address space

Although the company has been beaten by Microsoft, IBM and Amazon in terms of market share. But Google Cloud has recently made some moves to increase its entire address space. It provides a potential differentiator from other Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) services.

The bottom line is that Google’s Cloud Platform is embroiled in a fierce battle with its partners, including AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Inc. is an early cloud investment technology company with Amazon Web Service (AWS). It has leveraged businesses large and small looking to move operations from data centers to the cloud.

Amazon Web Services has always benefited from a big start in the cloud computing market. More than a decade before competition in the cloud world began, AWS began offering cloud infrastructure solutions such as storage and compute.

Amazon Web Services has always benefited from a big start in the cloud computing market

Obviously, that start-up continues to serve them well and helps them maintain a large market share advantage. Amazon Web Service exists despite the presence of other brands in this space including Microsoft and Google. Their advancement has been driven by consistent innovations.


Oracle Cop is a leading provider of database software. They unveiled their ambitious program in the field of cloud computing in 2015.

The company announced its plans during the Oracle OpenWorld event to expand its portfolio in services such as:

  • Analytics Cloud
  • Cloud Apps
  • IaaS
  • Cloud Integration Services

Since then, Oracle has grown at an unprecedented rate.

Oracle Corp has been relatively late in the cloud race. However, now it looks like Oracle has finally found the correct way to go. It is in active innovation mode and is a sure bet for the future.


Box is an online data storage and backup service with real-time synchronization and automatic backup. Its free support can be up to 10GB of online storage on the server.

Data files on Box allow users to share and work together 

To distinguish it from other suppliers, Box tells about the working process. It is a tool that automates the routing of documents and files and the actions people need to take on them.

Data files on Box allow users to share and work together on the same file.


VMware specializes in system research to develop virtualization technology. Helping users get the most out of their machines by running multiple operating systems in parallel with hardware management for each virtual computer. As well as secure them.

Normally with 1 IT will manage an average of 100 physical machines. But with VDI 1 IT solution has the ability to manage up to 500 virtual machines. You can reduce the cost of IT rental and system maintenance administration.

Cloud computing plays an increasingly important role in people’s lives. Today, most of the work and data are stored in the cloud. Hopefully through the above sharing, you can know the biggest cloud brands in the world!

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